Showcase Your Business

Why should you join the Wellbeing Place Business Showcase?


Why you need to showcase your business...

There are many good reasons why you need to showcase your business on a local platform

Improve your search engine ranking

Increase your brand awareness

Attract new local customers

It's all about being seen

It is vital that you get your business name out there - Yes we know that is an obvious statement, but many new or smaller businesses, hope that the power of Facebook or friend recommendations will help see them through.   Ok, this may be true for some businesses in some areas.   An electrician may get all his local business from his Facebook posts and shout-outs from groups in his town but a cookware shop may rely on bringing in customers from far and wide to boost it's takings.

Consumerism has changed and they way people look for business has changed.   In the old days, you would look in the telephone book or the local paper and find the business you need.   Neither method will bring you many customers these days.

You have to rely on the power of your social media, your website and being mentioned on other websites too.


Realistically, most small business websites are hidden deep inside a search engine, with the likes of the big businesses first in the results page.   The chances are, that you will never be seen unless your potential customer happens to be searching for a plumber, with your name, in your town.

It's time to jump up and down about your business

Getting your details on local websites, increases your chances of being seen by your customers.

Directory websites showcasing local companies tend to have a higher search engine ranking.  Therefore, potential clients have more chance of being directed to your products or services than  by not being on one.


Which Package suits you best?


Free Level

Our entry level, allows you the opportunity to get your business up and running on our showcase.   You can stay on the level for as long as you like for FREE


Going Gold gives you all the features of the Free level, but you can add more details such as your social media details and a map to you business too.

You will also get promotion across our Social Media channels.

Platinum Level

Our VIP level, gives you the best exposure by allowing you the maximum amount of options.

You will also get promotion across our Social Media channels and a leaderboard banner advert (728px x 90px) with a link to your own website to appear in rotation throughout our website.

Free Level

£0.00/ lifetime

  • Auto renewing
  • Free trial
  • 1 photo
  • 1 category
  • 1 tag
  • Unlimited description
  • HTML editor for description
  • No business hours, facebook, instagram, logo, twitter, website

Gold Package

£10.00/ month

  • Auto renewing
  • 1 Month free trial
  • 5 photos
  • 3 categories
  • 3 tags
  • Unlimited description
  • HTML editor for description
  • No business hours


£20.00/ month

  • Auto renewing
  • Free trial
  • 10 photos
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited tags
  • Unlimited description
  • HTML editor for description
  • All fields